Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Thailand Thanksgiving

Sports Day, Massage, Karaoke in the football field.

This year's Thanksgiving was something to be thankful for indeed.  At a cool 30 degrees Celsius  the school had "Sports Day".  It is much like the Field Day that schools back in the states put on.  There's Sepak Takraw, Volleyball, Track, Football (Soccer), and Dance offs. It's a perfect excuse not to have school for two days at the end of the week!

Each team - Red, Yellow, Pink, and Blue - created there own design for stands.

The yellow team begins their race! 

And of course, team RED is the best! 

After Sports Day 1, I was able to go to my first ever Thai massage at the local hospital.  Thanks to our wonderful after school tutoring group, I just now discovered that they do give massages in Wang Chan.  Let's just say - This made my month. I've been searching frantically in each city for a massage and each time some terrible excuse came up not to get one!  But not today! 

The Thai massage is both painful and relaxing.  The masseuse prodded and pushed down on every pressure point - and every time I winced in pain I swear she pushed harder and longer! Sometimes I thought I would have to move or cry out in pain, but when she let go I would feel a thousand times better.  My advice is to NOT go when you're still incredibly sore from a kickboxing work out.  It felt like the woman grabbed a handful of thigh muscle and would tear it straight out at any second.  After the massage, my mood improved, I felt energetic, and I wanted more.  I'm thinking for 150 baht an hour, this will be a weekly occurrence one I start getting paid (which is next week!!!). 

The last part of the evening involved a giant buffet for all the teachers out on the football field.  Here we enjoyed whiskey and soda water....and karaoke.  Thankfully I didn't feel the courage to sing until after the principal and coordinator had left the area.  Sometimes learning the lyrics while on stage isn't a good thing.  However, with the sound system they had set up, I'm pretty sure you still hear me across town singing about bitches, ho's, and getting wasted.  Thank you popular music selections of 2012. 

The karaoke after party group!


  1. Thai whiskey, club soda and ice.....although snobby Thai's drink Johnny Walker. It's not unusual for Thai workers to share a big glass, passing it around.

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