Monday, November 21, 2011

My Mai Pen Rai Kryptonite: Bus Stations

After many blogs discussing how amazing Thailand is, I have finally found its one fault. Bus Stations.  I can be completely care free from a wonderful weekend filled with friends and Chang - and then I arrive at the bus station to make my way home and I lose all of my calm.  Maybe its because I'm just angry to have to leave the good times - I mean, who wants to wait an entire 5 days before I get to go do something else amazing?! Geez!

But to sum up the weekend I:

1. Went to an English competition in Klaeng, Rayong with my school.  This morning Wangchanwittaya had an amazing amount of trophies. Go students - I knew you were learning something!

2. Hopped on the bus to Chanthaburi.

3. Went to an amazing waterfall and swam with some creepy fish.  Thai locals found it hysterical to throw beans in the water and watch the white kids scream in terror as the fish flopped frantically about.

4. Went out on the town in Chanthaburi - we went to Night Club. Not a night club - a night club called Night Club! It's legit. Went somewhere else. Hopped on a moped to get back.

5. Woke up. Got Pizza. Yum, cheese.

6. Had to leave :(

7: Got to bus station. Did not have time to get my first Thai massage that I've been promising myself. Extra frowny face. :( :( :(

8. Lost my Mai Pen Rai flew out the bus window.

9. Paid 500 Baht to get a taxi back to Wang Chan so I could teach in the morning. :( :( :(

10. Calmed down. I'm in Thailand. Everything will be okay.

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