Monday, October 24, 2011

Airplanes, Pollution, Jet Lag

And finally, I'm in Bangkok, Thailand. 

Although the 26 hour flight was the longest hours of my life, it was well worth the wait. Upon arrival, due to massive jet lag and being in a country that is exactly 12 hours ahead of my hometown, we decided the bar would be a good place to be.  6am and quite a few beers late, we finally slept...for 4 hours. Then it was off to the Market where shoes are 10 dollars, watches are 3 dollars, and food is...even cheaper. The smells - not very good.  The tastes - nothing like American Thai food. I call myself a non-picky eater, however, a few dishes rendered me no longer hungry. 

Pollution - apparently my immune system has never been accustomed to such a thing.  After living in the middle of nowhere Texas for so long with nothing but clean air, the epic amounts of pollution have caused my throat to slowly, but surely start closing up. Thankfully, in Thailand, people hand out antibiotics like candy. Soon, this sour throat will be behind me and I can enjoy eating and drinking again. 

This might all sound quite miserable, but I'm sincerely having an amazing time in Bangkok.  Today we went to the Royal Grand Palace.  It shines with brilliant golds and color tiles everywhere. The Temple of the Emerald Buddha located within is amazing. 

The pictures are coming soon, today I finally had enough internet to write this message.  Later I will post again when I am on my way to my school, ready to start the semester.  Can't wait to be out in the rural area where I belong! :) 

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