Friday, May 27, 2011

Step Three

The Interview: 

This past Wednesday I had my phone interview that made sure I'm not some psychopath who wants to go off to Thailand and corrupt the little children learning English.  I feel that it went relatively well. Today I received my confirmation e-mail saying I'm set to proceed and a statement of my balance left for the trip. As long as I can pay for my trip by August - I'm set.

In my application I asked to be in the Phuket region - but in a rural/small city area for the teaching.  I think being close to the tropical beach can really set things in perspective for me - and quite possibly make me never want to leave...ever.

My old friend is sending me a book written by a lady who taught English in Thailand many times and is very rehearsed in teaching abroad.  I'm waiting for the book in the mail and hoping for some good pointers!

Right now life is rather bumming when I think about how I have my degree and I work in a call center.  However, whenever I think about my Thailand plans and my leaving in October - I can't help but be happy. My situation now is just temporary in the path to a greater good. Now if that greater good would like to hurry up and get here - I would very much appreciate it! :)

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